Friday, 17 October 2008

Autumn Trends

This week I have had some time off work, so as well as fitting in all the hairdresser, dentist, doctor and opticians appointments, that I don't normally have time to  fit in, I have also had some time to make bears! I have managed to make three from start to finish and also finished off two more.
The season has now definitely changed to Autumn and this has influenced me in my bear making. I have chosen gold, copper and various shades of browns to make my latest bears. There are so many lovely shades of fabric, that one can never have enough to choose from.

Just some of the fabric from my stash in autumn shades

 I noticed on the news this morning that they were talking about the lack of conkers this year due to the Horse Chestnut trees being attacked by the leaf miner moth. When I was much younger we lived in a house that had a Horse Chestnut tree in the front garden. I can remember naughty little boys sneaking through the hedge to pick up particularly promising looking conkers that had fallen on the lawn ,and worse still trying to knock them off the tree by throwing stuff up into the branches to dislodge them! On the other side of the drive we had apple trees, so we also had problems with scrumpying too!

As I have made all these new bears, I have also Autumnised (if there is such a word!)my website so that the page themes are more in keeping with the season and the new bears I have to offer.

Here are some of my Autumnal bears available on my website:-

If you would like more information about the Autumn bears click on the link to my website at the top right of the page.

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