Thursday, 27 August 2009

Teeny Weeny Little Bears

Recently I seem to have been in the mood to create some of the teeniest bears that I make. They are about an inch tall and have wobble jointed heads and thread jointed limbs.You can see just how small they are from the photo above.

A lovely collector of mine, who already owned a couple of my teenies, recently contacted me about making another for her. She knows that I don't make too many of them as I have to be in exactly the right frame of mind to cope with all the teeny weeny pieces and the sometimes frustrating task of turning such tiny body parts, especially the ears!

I like to make individual special boxes for these tiniest of bears. Each has the name of the bear on it and it acts as their safe little home whilst traveling to their new Hug, I don't want them to get lost in amongst the packaging!

Well it seems my collector has caught me in just the right mood as I have made several of these teeny weenys on the trot! I have to grasp the opportunity when it arises , as who knows when I will suddenly go off making such little ones for a while. I expect when I go back to making my "normal" sized 3 inch bears they will seem huge to me but much less complicated. I think a change of scale every so often can really give one a boost :O)

Oh, and for those who might be wondering, I did get an interview for the job in the records office but I did not get the job, as although my customer service skills were judged as excellent, I did not know enough about the actual duties of the job entailed ( not really surprising as I had not done it before!) It's the same old chicken and egg thing, you need experience to do the job, but you can't get experience unless somebody gives you the job in the first place.  Never mind, as a friend told me , "when one door closes, another opens" I shall just put it all down to experience.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

A reminder that I am not as fit as I thought I was!

Yesterday was moving day for my eldest daughter.I had said to her that I would be on hand during the day for whenever they needed some help.At a little before eight in the morning I was sitting in my PJ's having just finished my breakfast and drinking my cup of tea, when the phone rang," Hi ,it's me I'll be there to pick you up in two minutes" as I was half asleep I replied "OK".As soon as I had put the phone down, the very short conversation sunk in!!! I dashed upstairs and got washed and dressed at breakneck speed to see Rebecca's car arrive in front of the house just as I got back downstairs. Well that was ok but I was a little breathless as I got into her car and obviously still partially asleep as I had to go back indoors for my glasses(which I wear all day !)and to turn off the TV which was still showing the breakfast news.
I spent most of the day  at either the old rented house dismantling beds, carrying drawers and boxes from upstairs to downstairs via the very steep and winding staircase or at the new house feeling a bit useless as I did not really know where she wanted things put, but she was too busy herself to tell me and her boyfriend was making the trips between the two houses, only about 5 miles apart, with van loads of furniture and boxes. Most of the work involved was at the old house and by six in the evening I was worn out and Rebecca said that they would be fine with possibly one more van load to go.I walked home, as it is only five minutes, but by the time I got in I felt thoroughly shattered.

Ha ! I thought I felt tired yesterday, I got up this morning and nearly everything ached! My calf muscles are the worst, I think its all the going up and down stairs. I have to keep moving about or I think I might seize  up completely.
 But there are several bright sides to this story,
 1) My daughter and her boyfriend have their very own home,
 2)The exercise must have done me some good, and lost me a few of the extra pounds in weight I seem to have started carrying around and 
3)I had a message on my answer-phone when I got back to say that I had been shortlisted for the job I had applied for and could I attend an interview!

so on balance a good day was had by all( and I have the weekend to recover).

Sunday, 5 July 2009

What I did on my holiday

Did you ever have to write a essay with that title when you were at school?. Well here is what I did on mine

I am just about at the end of my two-week summer break from work. However I don’t seem to have done very much with the time. We didn’t go away on holiday (too expensive) and we didn’t go for the odd day out (still costs money, and there is hardly any spare at the moment!), so I spent the time at home “pottering”. Most afternoons I was able to watch the tennis at Wimbledon on the TV, something I have not been able to do since my daughters were very young (I seem to have always been at work, but then I am a Saturday’s Child). I did do a little bit of sewing in the first week and some designing of new patterns, a small bear with a rounder shaped head, which I am pleased with and a dragon, which needs some adjustments and is not to be revealed at the moment.

I also spent a bit more time researching my family history, something I have done on and off for a number of years now. I have only ever used the internet to do this, there is such a lot of information available to look at, that I have ,as yet, had no need to go and visit various records offices around the country to check documents. I have always thought what an interesting thing it would be to do though. 

Imagine my delight when I found a job advertised at the local records office for an assistant to help people do their own family research, how brilliant would that be? It is part time and fits in with the part time hours I currently work, and the extra money would certainly also be a help. Well I have sent in my application (I have not written a CV for 13 years, so that was interesting trying to remember all the details of my work history ), I just have to wait and see now if I am on the short list (all fingers crossed), the closing date is not for a while yet so I won’t hear for a little while, however they did say that they let people know one way or the other, which is more than some employers do nowadays.

 I will have to get myself in gear tomorrow morning, no more getting up at whatever time I fancy, I will have to be up and ready to go bright and early!

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sneaky Peek!

Here is a sneaky peek at my bears taking part in the Be My Valentine on line show on 14th february. This takes place at the Teddy Bears and Critters Australia website here
check the website for times in your area. It is a 24 hour online show with lots of bears available from an array of international artists. As well as a virtual booth for each artist, there is also a booth where all the bears have been donated by the artists to raise money to help the Cambodian Sun bears. You can read more about them on the TBACA website. The artists are only allowed to give sneaky peeks before the show opens its doors ...... it keeps it interesting!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Time for a revamp!

One of my new years resolutions was to post more frequently to my blog, at least once and maybe twice a month at least. Well I had better hurry up then as there are only two days left in January!!!!
I decided that my blog was looking somewhat boring compared to most others I had seen. My sister,  another blogger, suggested I visit There are all sorts of backgrounds and page layouts to play about with and I think the background I picked goes well with  the Walnut Tree Corner name. If I get bored of it after a while I can change it again :O).

Thats it for now, but I may even squeeze in another post in January as I have news of some projects I am taking part in this year.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Autumn Trends

This week I have had some time off work, so as well as fitting in all the hairdresser, dentist, doctor and opticians appointments, that I don't normally have time to  fit in, I have also had some time to make bears! I have managed to make three from start to finish and also finished off two more.
The season has now definitely changed to Autumn and this has influenced me in my bear making. I have chosen gold, copper and various shades of browns to make my latest bears. There are so many lovely shades of fabric, that one can never have enough to choose from.

Just some of the fabric from my stash in autumn shades

 I noticed on the news this morning that they were talking about the lack of conkers this year due to the Horse Chestnut trees being attacked by the leaf miner moth. When I was much younger we lived in a house that had a Horse Chestnut tree in the front garden. I can remember naughty little boys sneaking through the hedge to pick up particularly promising looking conkers that had fallen on the lawn ,and worse still trying to knock them off the tree by throwing stuff up into the branches to dislodge them! On the other side of the drive we had apple trees, so we also had problems with scrumpying too!

As I have made all these new bears, I have also Autumnised (if there is such a word!)my website so that the page themes are more in keeping with the season and the new bears I have to offer.

Here are some of my Autumnal bears available on my website:-

If you would like more information about the Autumn bears click on the link to my website at the top right of the page.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Website Update and the importance of doing back-ups

Just to let everybody know that my website, has recently been updated. I have added a few new bears and changed the theme of some of the pages. I had worked really hard on updating the pages and just after I had finished tweaking everything, my poor iMac decided it had just had enough and refused to play anymore! How glad I was that I had carried out a back up only a few days before, so most of the work was definitely retrievable. I thought I may lose the last bit I had done but my clever, very computer savvy husband managed to get the old computer to cough up, so in the end I lost nothing, just the hardware. I am now working on the "spare" computer which is actually the screen from one ,the keyboard from another and the bit that does all the work(don't know the name of can see how clever I am at computers....not) from yet another one!
so in summary two things,

a) if you would like to visit my updated website, please click the banner at the top right of the page and

b)Please all you computer users remember to make regular back ups.