Thursday, 11 September 2008

Website Update and the importance of doing back-ups

Just to let everybody know that my website, has recently been updated. I have added a few new bears and changed the theme of some of the pages. I had worked really hard on updating the pages and just after I had finished tweaking everything, my poor iMac decided it had just had enough and refused to play anymore! How glad I was that I had carried out a back up only a few days before, so most of the work was definitely retrievable. I thought I may lose the last bit I had done but my clever, very computer savvy husband managed to get the old computer to cough up, so in the end I lost nothing, just the hardware. I am now working on the "spare" computer which is actually the screen from one ,the keyboard from another and the bit that does all the work(don't know the name of can see how clever I am at computers....not) from yet another one!
so in summary two things,

a) if you would like to visit my updated website, please click the banner at the top right of the page and

b)Please all you computer users remember to make regular back ups.

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