Thursday, 27 August 2009

Teeny Weeny Little Bears

Recently I seem to have been in the mood to create some of the teeniest bears that I make. They are about an inch tall and have wobble jointed heads and thread jointed limbs.You can see just how small they are from the photo above.

A lovely collector of mine, who already owned a couple of my teenies, recently contacted me about making another for her. She knows that I don't make too many of them as I have to be in exactly the right frame of mind to cope with all the teeny weeny pieces and the sometimes frustrating task of turning such tiny body parts, especially the ears!

I like to make individual special boxes for these tiniest of bears. Each has the name of the bear on it and it acts as their safe little home whilst traveling to their new Hug, I don't want them to get lost in amongst the packaging!

Well it seems my collector has caught me in just the right mood as I have made several of these teeny weenys on the trot! I have to grasp the opportunity when it arises , as who knows when I will suddenly go off making such little ones for a while. I expect when I go back to making my "normal" sized 3 inch bears they will seem huge to me but much less complicated. I think a change of scale every so often can really give one a boost :O)

Oh, and for those who might be wondering, I did get an interview for the job in the records office but I did not get the job, as although my customer service skills were judged as excellent, I did not know enough about the actual duties of the job entailed ( not really surprising as I had not done it before!) It's the same old chicken and egg thing, you need experience to do the job, but you can't get experience unless somebody gives you the job in the first place.  Never mind, as a friend told me , "when one door closes, another opens" I shall just put it all down to experience.