Saturday, 25 July 2009

A reminder that I am not as fit as I thought I was!

Yesterday was moving day for my eldest daughter.I had said to her that I would be on hand during the day for whenever they needed some help.At a little before eight in the morning I was sitting in my PJ's having just finished my breakfast and drinking my cup of tea, when the phone rang," Hi ,it's me I'll be there to pick you up in two minutes" as I was half asleep I replied "OK".As soon as I had put the phone down, the very short conversation sunk in!!! I dashed upstairs and got washed and dressed at breakneck speed to see Rebecca's car arrive in front of the house just as I got back downstairs. Well that was ok but I was a little breathless as I got into her car and obviously still partially asleep as I had to go back indoors for my glasses(which I wear all day !)and to turn off the TV which was still showing the breakfast news.
I spent most of the day  at either the old rented house dismantling beds, carrying drawers and boxes from upstairs to downstairs via the very steep and winding staircase or at the new house feeling a bit useless as I did not really know where she wanted things put, but she was too busy herself to tell me and her boyfriend was making the trips between the two houses, only about 5 miles apart, with van loads of furniture and boxes. Most of the work involved was at the old house and by six in the evening I was worn out and Rebecca said that they would be fine with possibly one more van load to go.I walked home, as it is only five minutes, but by the time I got in I felt thoroughly shattered.

Ha ! I thought I felt tired yesterday, I got up this morning and nearly everything ached! My calf muscles are the worst, I think its all the going up and down stairs. I have to keep moving about or I think I might seize  up completely.
 But there are several bright sides to this story,
 1) My daughter and her boyfriend have their very own home,
 2)The exercise must have done me some good, and lost me a few of the extra pounds in weight I seem to have started carrying around and 
3)I had a message on my answer-phone when I got back to say that I had been shortlisted for the job I had applied for and could I attend an interview!

so on balance a good day was had by all( and I have the weekend to recover).


Bearly Sane said...

It seems there are always two sides to a coin...sorry for the aches and pains...happy you made the short list!

Doris Sturm said...

I can relate. Moving is very exhausting! You're a good sport! Hope you're feeling well.